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LIFE Project Lince Moura/Barrancos
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Conclusion of the LIFE Lince Moura/Barrancos Project
"In the 31st December 2009, the LIFE project 'Recovery of the Iberian lynx Habitat at the Moura/Barrancos Site', started on the 1st September 2006, reached its end."
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Co-funded in 75% by the European Commission LIFE - Nature Programme
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Under the LIFE Project Lince Moura/Barrancos there are approximately 7.700 hectares under management agreements, involving both public and private landowners and managers.

In the selected intervention areas the project installed 100 artificial structures for wild rabbit’s reproduction and approximately 200 water and food suppliers. In the neighbouring areas around 60 hectares of leguminous and gramineous species were sown, aiming the improvement of wild rabbit’s feeding habitat.

Having in mind the recovery of the Mediterranean woods, an intervention in about 16 hectares of burned land was made, which included plantation, sowing and protection of shrubby and arboreous autochthones species, in order to accelerate the  natural recovery process,  in an area with high quality habitat. In addition, an intervention was also made in a strech of 4 km of stream aiming the recovery of the riparian vegetation through the fencing of both stream banks and later the plantation of several native plant species (e.g. ash, tamarisk). Furthermore, fifteen small ponds for wildlife were made. These have been largely used by several wild species (carnivores, deer, rabbits, birds, etc.).

At the same time, there was a continuous maintenance and monitoring of the implemented management measures, in order to verify  its effectiveness and measure its effects on wild rabbit’s populations and habitat.

Within the scope of the public participation programme of this project, implemented by CIS/ISCTE, four meetings took place, gathering a total of 25 residents of municipalities (e.g. landowners, hunt managers, residents, and other local stakeholders) from Moura and Barrancos. In the meetings, these local agents expressed their views about the management of rural areas and nature conservation on a local level.  The summary of each meeting is available (in Portuguese) in the folder "Documentação" of this website.
Along with the meetings, a workshop with local, regional and national level stakeholders and entities took place. In this workshop, problems and proposals concerning natural resources management with an impact on the municipalities where this project is being implemented were identified and debated. 33 participants were present. The workshop’s report is available (in Portuguese) in the folder "Documentação" of this website. 

Having in mind the disclosure of this project and awareness raising of the general public to the conservation of the Iberian Lynx and its habitat characteristics, the project participated in several scientific and dissemination events, namely seminars and congresses. Furthermore, several media articles and dissemination materials were produced.  The PDF versions (in Portuguese) of the project's poster, leaflets and press-kit are available for download in the folder "Documents" of this website.

If you want to know more about the project and its results you may also download our Layman's Report In Portuguese and English) in the folder "Documents" of this website.

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