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Project 85% co-financed by EEA Grants of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism
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EEA Grants

The EU-25 member states and the three non-EU members - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - share the same Internal Market, and aiming at the social and economic cohesion within this enlarged area, they have established the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. The aim is to reduce economic and social disparities and also strenghten the bilateral relations with beneficiary states.

On February the 3th, 2005, Portuguese State and the three EFTA States representatives - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which is a permanent agreement beween Portugal and the three EFTA/EEA States, for the use of the new EEA Financial Mechanism, which makes available a net amount of 30.067.200 Euro, to support projects in Portugal between 2004 and 2009.

A management unit, made of a national cordinator (Dr. Manuel Leal Pisco) and technical staff (Lourenço Carvalho and Dora Carvalho), was established by a joint resolution of the Minister of Finances to implement the use of the funds. This National Management Unit of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, manages the EEA Grants funds in Portugal, of which LPN is beneficiary.



Unidade Nacional de Gestão
Mecanismo Financeiro do Espaço Económico Europeu
Unidade Nacional de Gestão
Coordenador: Dr. Manuel Leal Pisco
Campo Grande nº. 50, 3º.
1749-014 Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Tel. (+351) 21 782 50 90 Fax. (+351) 21 782 50 04
Email: mpisco@eeagrants.org.pt

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