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Birds in Castro Verde
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Projectos LPN » Birds in Castro Verde PTENG

Visitor code of conduct

 Respect and adopt the following behaviours when visiting the region:

. In the hunting season (anually defined by the Portuguese Central Administration) special caution is advised on hunting days (sundays, holidays and thursdays – and eventually on saturdays, in some areas);

. During the rainy season, extra caution is advised, because the rain can cause difficulty in crossing streams and make some trails muddy;

. Although the trails offer no significant risks, always walk accompanied (and leave information about your departure and destination);

. In the Summer avoid walking between 11:00 and 16:00, because temperatures are very high;

. Do not bathe, or use boats or other floating elements, in lakes or ponds;

. Avoid taking pets but, if you do, ensure that it is on a lead at all times;

. Unchained dogs are normally harmless but take proper precautions before approaching them;

. O gado, embora manso, não gosta da aproximação de estranhos às suas crias, por isso, mantenha sempre uma distância responsável dos animais, para evitar perturbá-los;

. Respeite a propriedade privada e os letreiros de proibição, seguindo sempre pelos percursos sinalizados e nunca caminhe por campos cultivados;

. No caso de percursos sinalizados que atravessam propriedades privadas, não se esqueça de fechar as cancelas e portões, para evitar a saída do gado.


The user of LPN Hides must respect the following rules:

 . Entrar e sair do abrigo sempre acompanhado por um responsável da LPN e seguir as suas instruções;

. Keep quiet, to avoid fauna disturbance and  ensure the success of the activity;

. Do not remove black curtains from the hides, so that the interior can not be seen by birds;

. It is not allowed to smoke or use phone inside the hide (except for emergency situations and, in this case,  mantain the phone on silent);

. Leave the hide just like it was found.

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