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Birds in Castro Verde
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Projectos LPN » Birds in Castro Verde PTENG


In Winter or Summer, Spring or Autumn, come see the beautiful landscape... and be sure that each year it will be a surprise!

Castro Verde SPA landscape has been modified by tradicional farming practices, finding a balance through human intervention.



The correct  expression for this area should be "mediterranean pseudo-steppe", because it is the result of Human action, namely, extensive farming of dry ereals.  This is a semi-artificial habitat characterized by an agricultural mosaic that varies in space and time, giving the landscape a unique diversity and beauty!



This pseudo-steppe area spreads along vast  plains, without trees, across several municipalities of Baixo Alentejo. The landscape is dominated by fields of dry cereals, cultivated in a rotation system, with fallow lands, used as pasture for cattle.




Besides pseudo-steppe habitat, there area also some smaller areas with holm oaks, olives, bushes or wetlands adjacent to streams.

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