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Birds in Castro Verde
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LPN Projects

The League for the Protection of Nature (LPN), founded in 1948, is the oldest Non-Governamental Environmental Organization (NGO) of the Iberian Peninsula! It is a non-profit making Association, with the status of Public Utility, whose main objective is to contribute for the conservation of wildlife, and the diversity of species and ecosystems.

LPN develops in Castro Verde, since 1993, the "Sustainable Castro Verde Programme", which promotes nature conservation and sustainable development of the region.

This is the largest Nature Conservation Project in Portugal conducted by an NGO, pointed as a success story, and that has received several national and international prizes, like the European Prize Henry Ford for Nature Conservation in 1996 and, recently, got the "Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards",  during the Universal Exhibition of 2005, in Aichi, Japan.

The main objective of the Programme is to  harmonize in the Castro Verde SPA, agriculture (farming and livestock production) and the conservation of species protected worldwide, in a nationaly and internationally  recognized area, important for species like Great bustard, Lesser kestrel, Crane, Little bustard, Black-bellied sandgrouse, Montagu's harrier, Calandra lark, among other.

In this sense, one of the Projects within this Programme allowed the acquisition of 5 important areas for steppe birds - Biodiversity Reserves - with a total area of 1.700ha, where Management Plans are implemented, aiming at the protection of birds and the ecosystem and offering birds a quiet place, where hunting is not allowed and where, thanks to the seeding of plants that serve as their food, birds  have abundant resources. Under the umbrella of this Programme, other actions are undertaken, like Environmental Education, Scientific studies and Ecotourism.
LPN has the Environmental Education Centre of Vale Gonçalinho, in Castro Verde, that serves has the logistics centre for all the projects conducted in the region by LPN and where information is given to all visitors of the SPA.

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